30 months of studies for a new electric engine.

Inproves is a pilot project which will contribute to the creation of the car of the future, with more efficient and lighter engines which will allow for reduced CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Established as part of the 2014-2020 Regional Operative Programme, it is the result of a partnership between the head company Brembo, Magneti Marelli, who provided a team of 12 people, the Politecnico di Milano, the University of Bergamo and five highly innovative small and medium sized companies, with the support of the Lombardy Mobility Cluster and financed mostly by the Lombardy Region. The development of the so-called brushless electric engine, which is devoid of electrical brush contacts and instead uses permanent magnets, is one of the aims of Inproves. The partnerships with Universities and research centres have provided significant theoretical support to the technical research and development which Magneti Marelli transforms into applied research.


The bringing together of technology for both product and process which is useful for the growth of all project partners

The sharing of know-how and the creation of networks, strengthening relationships with Universities and discovering new business opportunities

The small and medium-sized companies provide sector specialisation and know-how for the manufacturing processes. One single objective which, at the same time, responds to two different requirements. Firstly, the creation of a new product, a braking system designed for a new Brembo line, and the second, related to Industry 4.0, concerns the improvement of development processes for Magneti Marelli traction and energy recovery systems. The real difference with this project lies in the integration between product and process, as the new engines will be realised thanks to a production line which exploits the potential of digitalisation and the Internet of Things. This will allow for a much higher level of efficiency and control over the entire manufacturing process as well as lower costs. By the end of the 30 months of forecasted work, the prototype of a brushless motor will be completed. The final deadline for the project has been set for November 2019. Inproves represents a concrete opportunity for Magneti Marelli. The absence of limits set by race regulations and deadlines imposed by client requests provides a unique opportunity for the realisation of new technologies which are currently in the prototype stage, but which have a future application with roadgoing vehicles.