Magneti Marelli has chosen to certify its plants according to the most up-to-date management systems, adopting a unified approach. Through global guidelines, it is committed to extending ISO certification to all manufacturing plants by 2020. With regards to environmental management, the company refers to the ISO 14001 standard. The transition towards the new scheme which was launched in 2015 is managed independently by each individual site: a gap analysis allows for the identification of any shortfalls detected above all on the context analysis, in the Life Cycle Perspective and in the involvement of stakeholders required by the new standard and is accompanied by constant auditing activity by the certification organisation. Two areas for specific in-depth examination have been identified: the management of refuse, with reference to the environmental aspects, and the management of chemical product safety sheets for the Health & Safety area.

To this end, Magneti Marelli is modifying centralised system procedures, seeking correspondence between existing guidelines and the regulatory indications from ISO 45001, as well as pro- viding support to individual plants through the process of gap analysis. The new regulation also promotes increased attention to the supply chain, thus moving in line with the most important companies valorised by the Sustainable Supply Chain Programme.