Mapping of community needs and a careful selection of partners. The commitment of Magneti Marelli is highlighted through two stories from Gurugram.

Respect, involvement and dialogue: these are the values which inspires and guides Magneti Marelli while engaging with local communities in which it operates. In India, the Company impacts the lives of more than 5000 children and youth as part of the Company’s Social Responsibility initiatives. The programme of investments in the community regards the promotion of education, the development of skills, health and growth within the community in line with the law on local businesses (2013) and the development guidelines set out by the Indian government. The law in fact requires companies which operate within the territory to invest 2% of their average profits over the last three years for the development of the local community. In 2017, the Company implemented over 25 initiatives in India through 11 local partners. In order to set up projects in the community, there is a standard, well-structured operational procedure which defines the roadmap, from the mapping and identification of local requirements to the measuring of the impact of the activities. Partners are selected through detailed due diligence which assesses specific competences and past experiences.

«We aim to create opportunities for the most vulnerable sections of society through community projects. Our aim is to enable and empower communities in difficulty, with particular focus on children and youngsters, rendering them self-sufficient through long-term social projects.»
Mr. Saju Mookken, Country Manager, Magneti Marelli India

Gairatpur Baas Panchayat School, Gurugram

Situated in the north of the country in the Aravalli hills in the rural area of Gurugram, the Gairatpur Baas Panchayat School was set up in 2008 by Martin Howard. Magneti Marelli has been supporting the school for last three years, providing funds for teacher salaries and supporting the infrastructure development which benefits over 380 young students. Furthermore, the Company has set up an Art & Craft Centre, created to promote and stimulate creativity in younger children. Following the positive experience of the information technology library, the Company focused on setting up Smart Education in the school, a hi-tech, low cost solution developed by HP. The first stage of the project consists in the conversion of four traditional classes into intelligent and interactive classrooms. Magneti Marelli is also promoting another initiative which provides for the installation in the school of a 7.5 KVA solar energy system, which will not only help to reduce costs for electricity for the school but will ensure that the institute has a constant power supply.

Integrated School Improvement Program, Gurugram

In 2017, Magneti Marelli contributed to the setting up of the School Improvement Programme in collaboration with Society for All Round Development (SARD), a non-profit organisation committed to the promotion of development for minority groups and disadvantaged communities, as well as the strategic support of CESVI, an Italian non-governmental organisation. The programme has provided support for the improvement of the infrastructure of public schools and has guaranteed access to modern amenities to young people affected by economic problems. Magneti Marelli has provided support for the restructuring of the primary school complex in the village of Bas Lambi, and the upper school in the village of Mokulwas, in Manesar, renovating the classrooms and toilets, installing water purifiers and coolers and providing didactic tools. It has also set up the Child Resource Centre, a place in which primary school children are educated with innovative and interactive methods. Thanks to the contribution of the company, more than 500 students from the Mokulwas upper school have benefited from the Integrated Science Lab and the ICT Lab. Magneti Marelli has in fact become a promoter of sport and hygiene education, donating Sport Kits and Wash Kits to both schools.